Thursday, September 16, 2021

Bucs select Kyle Trask as Brady’s potential heir

The Bucs got a nice slice of luck on the second day of the 2021 NFL Draft as Kyle Trask, the 6’5″ Florida QB fell into their laps with the last pick of the second round. Hotly tipped to be looking at a QB for the future after returning every starter from the 2020 Super Bowl winning team things couldn’t have gone much better for the Bucs.

Seen as a developmental starter, Kyle Trask has found the ideal spot personally, and it’s ideal for the Bucs who have no real young prospect waiting in the wings for when Brady retires in the next few seasons. Draft Network said this of Trask, “Going on to have a prolific career, he became a supreme leader for the Gators. A decisive and quick operator, he’s a highly intelligent thrower that often attacks with a plan.

He has thorough knowledge and smarts to attack all three levels of the field, as he’s experienced reads in many different manners. A “grip it and rip it” thrower of quick game concepts on the perimeter, he’s at his best when on schedule and able to take advantage of leverage throws.


The best thing for Kyle Trask is that he will get to sit behind arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL to learn the trade of NFL starting quarterback. From the work that is required to how to prepare for each opponent.

It’s an ideal spot for Trask, and truth be told, it’s a bonus for the Bucs that Trask dropped to them all the way down at the end of the second round. Receiving a mid-second grade from most pundits, the board fell kindly as teams ahead of Tampa got their QB’s leaving a nice little present on the board for Bruce Arians with the 64th pick.

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