Thursday, July 29, 2021

Jameis Winston signs 1-year Saints deal

Much the same as Teddy Bridgewater did to rebuild his career, Jameis Winston is looking to rehab his name in New Orleans has signed a 1-year $1.1 million deal to back up Drew Brees. The former Bucs starter will earn a staggering $19.822 million dollars less in 2020 but has likely found the ideal spot to begin his comeback.

Unlike Bridgewater, Jameis Winston isn’t trying to come back from a devastating knee injury. His only issue is that he makes, at times, appalling decisions, tries to fit the ball into too tight windows, and lacks patience.

In 2020 the Bucs have decided to go with Tom Brady over Winston. Clearly this is a win-now decision, and you can’t really argue with that from a coaching perspective. As fans, we want to see our team compete for titles, not sit around the 7-9 mark like in 2019.

Losing Jameis Winston may come back to haunt the Bucs

The problem is Brady isn’t just 35 or 36, he’s 42. If we’re optimistic he has 3 years left, 5 max barring any shoulder or arm injury. Winston has potentially 15 years left in his career. No, he’s not perfect, and no he doesn’t give you the guaranteed level of performance that Brady does.

It’s a completely different decision tree that the Bucs are taking, and we have to respect that. Questions about who will lead the franchise in five years’ time will likely be left until then when a new regime will likely be at the helm, Arians is 67 remember. But this feels like a decision that could be remembered really badly.

The speed with which Jameis Winston has signed with the Saints is shocking. The amount that he took is shocking and for me makes the decision to move on more troubling. This has all the optics of a quarterback who knows he has areas to work on, and will do whatever it takes to work on them. Including playing for a lot less money.

Could the Buccs have afforded to pay Winston $1.1 million to back up Tom Brady? Well, they’ve just paid Blaine Gabbert $1.18 million to do that, so clearly the answer is yes. So it seems that neither party considered the option and that this divorce was not very pleasant which is a shame.

If Jameis Winston removes the mistakes from his game, develops patience, and a little more realism when throwing the ball, he has a very high ceiling. Let’s just hope this decision doesn’t go down in history on the same side of the ledger as Winston’s 30 interceptions from last season.

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