Friday, January 22, 2021

Tom Brady inks 2-year deal in Tampa Bay

After weeks of speculation about his future, Tom Brady has finally put pen to paper on his new contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Officially announced today, Brady has signed a two-year fully guaranteed $50 million deal.

It firmly puts the Bucs into win-now mode as the franchise will almost certainly not look to sign Jameis Winston to a contract to be Tom Brady’s backup. The team will likely use that money to add to the talent around the future Hall of Fame quarterback

Tom Brady elevates Bucs from day 1

For the first time in many, many years, Buccaneers fans know what they will be getting from their quarterback each game. Winston has been boom or bust for the last few seasons, culminating in the NFL’s first-ever 30 TD 30 INT season in 2019.

While Winston had the ability for explosive plays, his ability to throw horrendous interceptions was also extremely costly. With a record of 7-9 last season, Winston had 4+ interceptions in 5 of those losses. With the wildcard spots starting at 10-6 it wouldn’t have taken much improvement last season to crack that group.

Adding 6-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady to Bruce Arians’ offense immediately makes it more consistent, clinical, and deadly. It may lack some of the top-end explosive plays epitomized by the Winston era owing to Brady’s aging arm, but it will be much more productive.

Passing for over 4,000 yards in nine of the last eleven seasons and a touchdown rate of over 5.4% for his career, Tom Brady’s consistency in the NFL is not in question. His ability to accurately read defenses, make adjustments at the line and know where the open man will be a boon for an offense that already ranked fourth in the league in 2019 with 28.6 pts per game.

Brady will also find his weapons much upgraded on the 2019 season. Mike Evans is a top-5 NFL receiver, and Chris Godwin is arguably top-3 as a slot receiver. OJ Howard has the skills to develop into an elite TE with more consistent play around him.

Ronald Jones II will also be expected to improve both his receiving and rushing output as Brady puts him in better spots to succeed. Running behind last year’s 7th best o-line (per PFF) Jones posted a career-high of 4.2-yards-per-carry and 10-yards-per-catch.

6-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady is an immediate upgrade for the offense © Elise Amendola/AP
6-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady is an immediate upgrade for the offense © Elise Amendola/AP

The only real area of concern wit the Tom Brady signing is the state of the position for the future years. While Winston could’ve been the franchise leader for the next ten years, Brady’s ceiling is likely to be two or three years max.

However, I’m sure the majority of Buccaneers fans will gladly add that slight level of uncertainty to the future to have a genuine shot at the Super Bowl for the next few years.

Welcome to Ray Jay’s Tom Brady!

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